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Here's what's included with your 
Here's what's included with your 

 FEX Leads Order

  • High Intent Final Expense Leads
  • Automated Calendar Bookings Include your calendar link to get automatic appointments
  • Inbound Calls We'll encourage each lead to call you directly
 (Get 4 Bonuses To Help You Close More Leads!)
  • BONUS 1 - Printable Lead Card for each lead!
  • BONUS 2 - No Non-sense Phone Script  
  • BONUS 3 - Access to Rebuttals Page
  • ​BONUS 4 - Get an SMS each time a lead is generated
Dynamically Updated
By providing us with your information you are consenting to the collection and use of your information in accordance with our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

100% NO BS Guarantee

If you receive any leads that are Out of Area, Disconnected Numbers, Bad Address, Out of Age Range... Then We'll Replace Any That Lead With A Fresh Lead Immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who are you targeting for my leads?
We are targeting seniors 50 to 85 years of age. For local (face to face) lead orders, we target those seniors living within 5 - 30 miles radius of the selected zipcode. For Statewide / Virtual / Telesales order, we target the State or States provided in the order form.

Note: Any lead older than 85 years of age will be replaced
What area will the leads be generated?
We generate leads in the area you define.  If you're ordering virtual / telesales leads, then we'll be targeting the states you select that you'd like your leads in.  If you're ordering face-to-face / local leads, we will target a 5-30 mile radius around the zipcode that you provide us in the targeting section. 

Note:  Any leads outside of a 50 mile radius of the zipcode provided or not in the states requested will be replaced.

Lead Delivery

How will my leads be delivered?
You will receive an email and text message with every lead as soon as the lead is generated. Each lead is accompanied by a lead card with the ad used to generate the lead, a link to a google sheet with a list of your leads, and a login to our lead portal to better manage your leads.
When will my leads be delivered? What is the turnaround time?
We create your ad campaign specifically for you. With that, it takes about 24 - 48 hours for your leads to start coming in. Most orders are fulfilled within 3-5 days. For larger orders of 40 leads or more, this could extend to 7 days or more.

However, you will receive an email within 24 hours notifying you that your order has been received, and another email when your campaign has started. Feel free to reach out via that email with any questions!
What do I get with each lead? What data points are collected?
With every lead we ask a series of questions to help ensure each lead is truly interested in life insurance. You will receive:

-First Name
-Last Name
-Amount of Coverage Requested
-State of Residence
-Requested Beneficiary
-Address (Local leads only)
-City (Local leads only)
-Zip (Local leads only)

-Lead Card
-Ad Copy
-Ad Image
-Phone Script
-Rebuttals Script

General Questions

How can I contact Leads Bakery directly?
The best way to get in contact with us is through the chat widget on the Leads Bakery website or portal. You can also send us an email to or an SMS to 208-494-4498.
What is your refund/replacement policy?
We will replace any leads that does not meet stated criteria:

-Over the age of 85
-Outside of State or a 50 mile radius from order zip code (for local lead orders)
-Disconnected phone number or number with a missing digit (we do not replace "wrong" numbers)
-Duplicate lead (if the lead has submitted the form more than once)

Once your lead order is filled, we will send an email confirmation stating your campaign has been completed. At that time, if there are any leads that qualify for replacement, just send us a message with the lead info that needs replacing. Majority of the time, we will recognize any replacements needed before you reach out due to our quality assurance review process.
Can I cancel my order?
If we're unable to send you your first lead within 48 hours, or if your order has not been fulfilled within 5-7 days as stated, we can stop your campaign and refund the remaining balance that has not been delivered.
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