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Get final expense leads 
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Leads Bakery creates individual campaigns for each and every agent that places an orders.  We pride ourselves in delivering premium leads directly to the agent.  Leads are never shared and are never sold more than once!
(after all...who wants a half-eaten cookie)
We are dedicated to making life easier as an insurance agent.  Here at the Leads Bakery, we know what it's like to be a life insurance agent.  We know firsthand what it's like to make dials in the mornings, afternoons, evenings, and weekends...  We've also driven all over town to meet with clients... just to get no-showed.  BUT.... we also know how rewarding this career is and the amount of INCOME you can make!
We started this company to make sure agents can get the leads they deserve and expect.  When you order leads from us, you're investing money in your business.  We take your investment seriously.

Out of area? Disconnected Number? Bad address? Out of Age Range?

We replace leads delivered that don’t match criteria

At Leads Bakery we partner with you to generate real-time final expense leads that are delivered straight to your inbox.

No contracts or multiple weeks of deposits required. Order when you need leads, and we will begin generating leads in your target area immediately!**

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...
See What Others Have Said About Their Experience!


I built my whole business over a period using this company's leads. I found the leads to be at least as well convert-able as any on Facebook. They have been easy to work with, also. Thank you for all you've done!!.
Agency Owner
Michael P.


I built my whole business over a period using this company's leads. I found the leads to be at least as well convert-able as any on Facebook. They have been easy to work with, also. Thank you for all you've done!!.
Agency Owner
Michael P.


I've tried other Facebook leads and these are the best mix of high intent with low cost. 20% of my leads set their own appointment via my Calendly link, and so far they've all been home. It's really nice to show up to someone's house and not have to backtrack about how this isn't really free. Besides this, the service is by far the best of any vendor I've dealt with. Jeromy deserves your business.

- Steven H.


I recently moved from Florida to North Carolina and with the move I left my entire warm market and referrals so I am currently at the mercy of leads and networking. the calendar leads have been Fantastic, my show ratio is 100% and my close ratio on appointments set via calendly is over 90%. After about 75 leads I have had about 20% of the leads pre set appointments with me and others set fairly quickly on phone calls. Keep up the great work guys, your ads are working but don't let them slack they are our life blood.. We appreciate you guys..

- Johnny B.


I have been using these leads since last year. The quality consistency and service have been great. Just this week I ordered 30 leads... 9 of them called and I booked 6 of those. Then scheduled 5 more the next day. I spoke to 14 people in 2 days and booked 11. Yesterday I ran 4 of them sat with all 4 and closed 2. Thanks Jeromy Kovatana u have been a stand up guy since day 1. (Day 1 benefit😉)

- Louis L.


I would 100% recommend their services if you are an agent working in the Final Expense Market... they get my highest recommendation and I am looking forward to continued success together!

- Ryan M.


What a great partnership! These guys are top notch Miles has been instrumental in helping me plan the $25K month I just had. You guys rock!

- Gabriel H.


I've been on a recurring weekly lead order for a while with them. They've delivered on every promise they made to me! I'm writing consistent business weekly with plenty of leads to work. I'm a customer for life!

- Jerry F.


I have ordered several times currently these are the only final expense leads I am purchasing. I love that the clients can book their own appointments. About 40 to 50 percent book their appointment I just have to show up and sell.

- Patrick R.


Without a doubt BEST Facebook lead in industry! On average I get 4x my investment! Very quick return and easy to work with! Appreciate everyone that is involved and keep up the great work!!!

- Adam R.


Always a strong lead batch and great customer service.

- Tabitha H.

In the United States...
There are 104,985 life insurance agents.
The top 10% of the highest paid earn...
$124,000 or more.
You may be wondering, "What does it take to be a part of that top 10%?"
  • You need a reliable lead source that allows you to speak to more interested prospects each week.
  • You need valuable products to offer these prospects (which...if you're here, you likely already have)
  • You need a script or process to present your product to the prospects effectively (if you don't already have one... we'll provide you with one that's tested and proven to work ;) )
Purpose Statement
To partner with insurance agents to generate RELIABLE Final Expense Leads, delivered in REAL-TIME, directly to each agent, and be a resource that agents can rely on.
The Mission
To generate leads that are:
  • High intent - only use ads that explicitly mention "Life Insurance"
  • Real-Time - as soon as the lead form is submitted, it is delivered IMMEDIATELY! (we never send leads that are in "inventory")
  • Reliable - maintain consistent lead quality to ensure conversion rates from lead to sale are predictable for each agent every time you order
  • On-Time - as soon as your order is placed we will create your campaign immediately to ensure a swift turnaround time from order to lead delivery
There are over 2 Billion ACTIVE users on Facebook and Instagram.

Studies have shown that more and more seniors are adopting this technology and using these platforms as their primary source of communication.

Facebook gives businesses the ability to target users based upon their age, income, location (both where you live and/or where you are currently located), gender, and much more.

With this ability, we are able to present potential clients in our defined target market and ask them if they're open to us helping them with their final expenses.

When a potential client requests a quote, we ask for their name, phone number, email address, where they are located and other unique questions to ensure their interest is genuine. Then we let them know that a licensed agent will be in contact with them shortly.

**They are expecting YOUR call!**

This is your defining moment.
The decision is now.
About us
Hi! My name is Jeromy Kovatana and my wife, Hope, and I are the founders of Leads Bakery. We have been successful running insurance leads for ourselves and other agencies since mid 2018. The Leads Bakery was created out of necessity.

Before Final Expense I was previously an accountant. I actually received a degree in Accounting and a degree in Finance with half a masters completed as well. However, I decided to leave it all behind and pursue the life of an insurance agent. Why you might ask? The reason my family and I decided to get into the life insurance business was:

1. To help families, and
2. To become our own bosses and be in control of our income.

We also desperately wanted location freedom and this definitely gave us that ability. It was exciting to know that we could get leads in any area where we wanted to raise our family.

We originally started running our final expense business in the Kansas City area. At that time the leads were PLENTIFUL in this area provided by the IMO that we were working with. We were working direct mail leads and had new leads coming in each and every week.

Fast forward a couple years later, we decided we wanted to move to Idaho! We took a work trip there and actually FELL IN LOVE with the Boise area. After speaking to my lead source through my IMO, we discovered that Boise was a wide open lead territory and there would be no issue getting leads to work there. SCORE! We were FIRED UP!

We began looking for a place to live… After a couple months of searching we finally found a place and began the process of our move. As soon as we put our deposit down on the house, I called my IMO and put a deposit down to reserve the counties we wanted leads in. That way we could begin sending mail to the areas we wanted to work. They then took our deposit and said they'd begin mailing the area. We were SO excited!

About two days later, I received a call, followed by an email, from the lead company... "...the counties you’ve requested ARE ALREADY TAKEN..." My heart sunk...

I can't begin to tell you how frightened I felt with the news. I was about to move my wife and young kids to the city of our dreams WITHOUT a valid or reliable source of leads. I immediately started calling ALL OVER the place trying to find a lead source. Eventually, I found a solution… BUT I had to move all my contracts, place more deposits, and get releases to even start any lead generation activities. I was crushed...

From that moment on, I decided that I would ALWAYS have a lead source that I could rely on and be independent from my IMO.

After TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars in digital marketing training, and hours upon hours, I began the process of trial and error in generating MY OWN customized leads through the most engaging platforms currently out there. Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

What I found was SO rewarding! All my hard work finally paid off. It was WORKING! And not only “working”, but the leads were HOT and my business was THRIVING! Originally, I was going to keep this newly discovered lead generation all to myself. But, as the days and weeks went by, I realized that there may be other agents or families out there that were experiencing the exact thing I had experienced. Having such a heavy dependency on the sources my IMO had for leads, it just didn't feel right to keep this to myself...

Therefore, we collectively decided to open up these leads to other agents that are looking for a source they can trust and to help agents maintain their own independence.
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